EFSS 2011 Forms of Symbolic Efficacy in Complex Societies

The EFSS is a project for innovative and evolving form of intensive interdisciplinary teaching in the field of Semiotics, Communication science and Sociology. It will consist in 10 days of lectures, workshops and exercises, with about 50 to 60 participants. The particular international environment, gathering up to 12 lecturers and 60-70 students from at least 5 different countries, provides unique conditions of multinational social interaction of knowledge exchange. Those conditions are particularly favorable to the theoretical issues, contained in the lectures, and irreplaceable for the workshops and exercises. Our objectives are to achieve new qualitative level of teaching of semiotics and communication, not achievable separately in any of the participating universities. During the PhD marathon all doctoral students have a chance to present their current stage of research and to exchange knowledge and impressions with their fellow colleagues. Moreover the forum is designed for the students as creators. Teams of students have the chance to shoot a short-length film and compete for the EFSS movie award. The social program contains also sports afternoon – where the world of semiotics becomes football and beach volley, a music talents challenge in the Karaoke night and the artistic performance during the Mask ball.

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I want to learn some ideas

I want to learn some ideas that state the ideas implied in a democratic society and to apply these ideas to the problems of the enterprise of education. read more

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