EFSS 2009 Sociosemiotics III

The EFSS is a project for innovative and evolving form of intensive interdisciplinary teaching in the field of Semiotics, Communication science and Sociology. It will consist in 10 days of lectures, workshops and exercises, with about 60 to 70 participants. The particular international environment, gathering up to 12 lecturers and 60-70 students from 8 different European countries, provides unique conditions of multinational social interaction of knowledge exchange. Those conditions are particularly favourable to the theoretical issues, contained in the lectures, and irreplaceable for the workshops and exercises. Our objectives are to achieve new qualitative level of teaching of semiotics and communication, not achievable separately in any of the participating universities. Although this thematic area is not object of autonomous programs in some of the cooperating universities, in all of them it is an obligatory part of the teaching of social sciences, humanities, political sciences, marketing, etc. Our target groups are affirmed scholars and students in the mentioned disciplines who are aware of the benefits of the international training and future exercise of their professions in a context of knowledge, mobility and communication based society. In near future EFSS should became part of an European Master in Semiotics and Communication sciences.

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