LSSS` 2007

Second Late Spring School in Semiotics LSSS’ 2007
„Semiotics or Philosophy of Language?”
Colloquium „Semiotics or Philosophy of Language?”


LSSS 2006

“The Speech and Bulgarian Mode of Speaking”
with conference “Phatic Function of Language”
MAY 19 - 23, 2006 at NBU

This is an announcement of the 1st  International Spring  School  of Semiotics.  
The School is the first in Southeast Europe, created and developed by the Southeast European Centre for Semiotic Studies at New Bulgarian University and will be organized at NBU. The School is open to any semiotician interested in semiotics.  Director is Professor Maria Popova, D. Sc.
The main sponsor of the School is New Bulgarian University.

Participants in the School are:
Prof. Guido Ipsen (Germany)

LSSS 2008

"Cognitive Semiotics"

27-29 May 2008, Sofia - Bulgaria

3. Пролетна школа по семиотика LSSS ’08

„Когнитивна семиотика”

3rd Late Spring School in Semiotics LSSS ’08

“Cognitive semiotics”

27-29 May, NBU, Sofia, Bulgaria

Вторник 27 май/Tuesday 27 May

Зала 409

Кръгла маса на тема:

„Когнитивна и некогнитивна семиотика в електронното обучение”

“Cognitive and non cognitive semiotics applied to e-learning”

Chair: Borislav Gueorguiev

New Bulgarian University Human Resources Development Center Finnish Network University of Semiotics International Semiotics Institute International Association for Semiotic Studies