“Semiotics of social: Genealogy and practice of communication”

“St. Kirik and Julita”, Asenovgrad, September 2002

Guest-lecturers: Prof. John Deely (USA), Dr. Hari Veivo (Finland), Dr. Mathias Rothe (Germany), Dr. Paul Cobley (UK), Dr. Mariana Net (Romania)



About EFSS

The EFSS has been held annually since 1995 and is aimed at establishing useful contacts between students (MA and PhD) in semiotics, as well as in other scientific domains with relevant interests, and outstanding researchers in the field of semiotics. The conferences take place simultaneously with the School itself and are attended by scholars from various countries. There are also round tables (3-4 with each School) chaired by Bulgarian scholars and staff members of NBU, where students can participate with their own works, projects and results from research. These round tables are open to all guests and students.

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